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Increase Your List With 3 a Step Blog Promotion Upgrade

By Jan Verhoeff

You’ve got an amazing blog, with viral content, and high traffic, but your list is empty… What’s the deal?

A few weeks ago, I started working with an amazing client whose blog posts were bringing in more and more readers with each post, new readers. Readers who had not been to her blog previously, and each one became more popular than the last. But still, she had no marketing list.

After a few days I asked her how she was connecting with her new audience…

She didn’t know how to connect, so I offered a few suggestions.

ContentInclude links in the content to other relevant articles. By adding internal links on every blog post, she’s bringing every reader deeper into her site. Each time they click deeper she’s more likely to capture their name and email – because they’re finding value. Every time they find additional value, they look deeper. More links? Of course, but some of those links should lead to sign-in pages where they can download “White Papers” or blog posts rearranged into.PDF printable documents they can save to their own computers for reading later. To get those, they’ll need to leave you a name and email – join your list.

Send them to a lead page, where the only option is to sign in, subscribe, or add their name and email to your list. Of course, you’ll want to include something for their effort to sign in, but that’s easy enough with all those valuable blog posts. Tag three or five together, and work them into an eBook, they can download. What could be easier than that, to get a few more people on your list. Be sure those blog posts offer particular value, and link to the original post in your eBook.

Upgrade your about me page to include a subscriber box, for access to some of your personal favorite “White Papers” or “Reports”. In case you haven’t noticed I need to share this little secret. About 85% of your spam comments will be on the about page, if there is access to add a comment. Why? Because people want to know about you, so they read your page. That page is more popular than any other single page on your website, so utilize that little fact to your benefit. Tell your readers what your favorite content is, and offer to send it over in one little compact file if they subscribe to your list.

Your job online is to get people to subscribe to your list.

YES! Of course you should stop by my list site, and subscribe, so you can have access to my favorite report. Go to and I’ll show you how easy it is to build a qualified, targeted list.

Do this! It’s your job online.

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