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  Your ads belong in the print edition of our Real Deals MAGAZINE!

Real Deals Magazine is direct mailed to 100% of the addresses in Southeast Colorado. (Soon to be delivered to 100% of addresses in the Spanish Peaks Region as well.)  Real Deals Magazine offers a high-quality, full-color publication, printed on glossy paper, guaranteed to capture market and buyer attention. We deliver quarterly to more than 22,500 households and businesses.

Arkansas Valley Issue

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Spanish Peaks Region Issue

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Our ad-filled magazine has become a bright spot in the economy of Southeastern Colorado as we represent businesses dedicated to best practices, quality products, and valuable services. Our clients always come first!

We keep local businesses connected to local shoppers!

Our Ads are available ONLINE!

Let’s cut to the chase…

Advertising decisions are hard and the choices are many! What your southeastern Colorado business needs, is to maintain an outlet with FRESH ready to serve ads, coupons and information in order to make an impact on your customer.

By being available online, your ads are readily available. Your coupons are easy to use. And your business can be located through ads and product specials from our Real Deal Magazine website.

               Let Real Deals Magazine show you how we can help your business grow!

 Content marketing

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Niche Market – Content Marketing Strategy for Small Town Entrepreneurs

You think your market is saturated, but what if I told you – there’s more money available in your specific market than you are tapping into?

team of expertsSeveral months back, the markets hit a low, nearly tanking in industry concentric venues, where specific niches were relevant to buyer profit, but ultimately, when everything was said and done, those niche markets made out way better than the open ended – so called – upscale markets with bigger money to invest. Small, individually owned and operated businesses survived those crashes, because they had connections already built, with loyal customers, and support teams who would stick by them, even when they were struggling to keep up. In many cases, those support teams came to the aid of their small business neighbors who needed a helping hand, and lifted them up until they could stand alone again.


Niche markets are focused around expert-level purists who know their brand inside out and they’re willing to go the extra mile for their buyers, because their buyers are friends.

I’ve been screaming ‘build relationships’ for eons now, knowing that in the end-game if you don’t have a relationship with your buying market, they will move to a cheaper option. We’re in the end-game, people. If we don’t have those tribal connections, loyal relationships, and tethered connective-networks already built, we’re going to be pushing to catch up with those who do.

Whether you’re looking for a job, need a helping hand, or seeking to sell products within a niche, the relationships you’ve developed will make the difference between your success or failure in the industry. In a small town, these relationships are even more important.

Now that you understand the importance of building the relationship, let me share with you how you can build those relationships – ONLINE.

Content is King.

  1. Relevant, high-quality content in your niche will prove your expertise and command loyalty from those who rely on the content you provide.
  2. Client-focused content that offers solutions, imparts value, and creates a connection between you, your product, and your buyer, converts traffic to profit.
  3. Know your products and services and focus your content around the people who need what you offer without SELLING your products and services in the article.

In times of struggle, we all have them, and to survive those times, we MUST know who to call. Who has your back? Who will be there for you, no matter what the crisis? And who will do what it takes to keep your doors open and serve your customers?

Relationships. Grow your relationships online with quality content and marketing that meets the needs of your buying niche.

Let your customers know they can find you online and that you provide solutions for the problems they may be facing on your blog, on your website, or in your discussion boards.

content marketing

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