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The magazine link above may not be visible if you don’t have flash installed on your phone, to see our magazine on mobile Click Here!

The magazine link above may not be visible if you don’t have flash installed on your phone, to see our magazine on mobile CLICK HERE.

Our ad-filled magazine has become a bright spot in the economy of Southeastern Colorado as we represent businesses dedicated to best practices, quality products, and valuable services. Our clients always come first!

Announcing – 

Real Deals Magazine CoverWe are excited to announce the newest branch of Real Deals Magazine, Spanish Peaks Edition, to be published July 1st, is being introduced on our News Blog.

For more information, including contact details of our new Advertising Experts, please click on the link (or the graphic cover) to meet our new team. As ever, you will continue to receive the same high-quality service from Southeastern Colorado, with an added layer of marketing available through our Spanish Peaks team.

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Let’s cut to the chase…

Advertising decisions are hard and the choices are many! What your southeastern Colorado business needs, is to maintain an outlet with FRESH ready to serve ads, coupons and information in order to make an impact on your customer.

By being available online, your ads are readily available. Your coupons are easy to use. And your business can be located through ads and product specials from our Real Deal Magazine website.

               Let Real Deals Magazine show you how we can help your business grow!


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Burning Daylight?

Guest posted by Jan Verhoeff

These are the dog days of summer, as they say, and if you have something you really want to get done, you’d better be doing it. Yeah, like now!

Jan VerhoeffI was awakened Saturday morning to my son-in-law chopping down the ‘cherry tree’ in the front yard. No, his name is not George Washington, but he had struggled with the placement of the tree, the dead branches in the tree, and the specifics of that tree since he moved into the house, so it was time for it to come down… He said. Before winter sets in and I’m stuck with it for another year. He said. Before anyone else comes up with a reason for me to leave it there. He said. Before summer’s over and I still haven’t gotten that tree chopped down.

And that my friends is how procrastination ends.

You do what needs doing, before something else happens. 

There’s a list of ‘things that need doing’ on the refrigerator. Almost every family has one, somewhere, and mine has often been on a note stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet, more often than not –To Do List one of those pizza thingies from Little Caesars Pizza, the one with the phone number I no longer need to see, because 9 years after moving away from Lamar, I still remember the number, and they don’t deliver here anyways – holds it up there. Where’s yours?

Have you ever noticed that there are some things on the list that really NEVER get done. Never. I mean, like they’re on the list, year after year, and you NEVER do them by the ‘deadline’  you’ve proposed in your mind. Usually, before winter hits, before snow flies, or before school starts?

There are three things on my list that I just never seem to get done at the end of summer, and this year, I’m changing that. I’m determined to do all three of these, so I’m sharing the ‘list’ so someone will remind me, ask me, and maybe even – motivate me to DO THEM.

1 – get the outdoor plug fixed so I don’t have to run the cord from the garage to light up the house for the holidays. 

This is my broom-hilda. I mean, seriously, how many years must I drag the orange cord through the snow drifts for forty feet and hope nobody trips over it, as I fasten it (not-securely) under the edge of the deck, to plug in the lights for the Holiday Decor? The nativity has been plugged into that Orange Cord for so many years that it’s actually wound up, tied with a twisty tie, and stored inside the manger for next year. The plug is already THERE on the side of the house, I just have to have someone put a new external PLUG on the pipe and connect the wires.

2 – install the mud and snow tires on the truck, so I don’t get stranded driving on the ice and snow. Because… I hate walking.

mud and snow tiresYup. That will be me sitting on the side of the road waiting for all the crazies to get off the road so I can drive on home, because my tires don’t have enough traction for their crazy high speed drives on the ice, if I don’t get the tires on the truck. I don’t mind slowing down, but then stupid, crazy, drives get all upset when I’m going 35 and their mud and snows allow them to go 80. Okay, I won’t drive 80 on ice anyways, but having more traction is always a good thing, right?

This is the biggie…

3 – go buy myself a pair of snow boots. 

Yup. That’s me, the girl running around in the first two foot snowfall in flip flops. I’m the one who procrastinated buying snow boots until AFTER the prices dropped, and then, I didn’t need them, because it was spring, and I couldn’t find my size, and I really don’t go out in the snow that much anyways. I work from home. I just wait until it melts. Then… I go out.

So if you’re burning daylight, end of summer is almost here. It’s kicking you in the butt. Get out there and do those important things that you really NEED to do before the end of summer and then you can relax and enjoy the fall. You KNOW you want to put your feet up and enjoy some yummy hot chocolate instead of worrying about what you didn’t get done!

Stop burning daylight. Get ‘er done!

This article and many others brought to you by:

core financial

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