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Real Deals Magazine is direct mailed to 100% of the addresses in Southeast Colorado. (Soon to be delivered to 100% of addresses in the Spanish Peaks Region as well.)  Real Deals Magazine offers a high-quality, full-color publication, printed on glossy paper, guaranteed to capture market and buyer attention. We deliver quarterly to more than 22,500 households and businesses.

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Our ad-filled magazine has become a bright spot in the economy of Southeastern Colorado as we represent businesses dedicated to best practices, quality products, and valuable services. Our clients always come first!

We keep local businesses connected to local shoppers!

Our Ads are available ONLINE!

Let’s cut to the chase…

Advertising decisions are hard and the choices are many! What your southeastern Colorado business needs, is to maintain an outlet with FRESH ready to serve ads, coupons and information in order to make an impact on your customer.

By being available online, your ads are readily available. Your coupons are easy to use. And your business can be located through ads and product specials from our Real Deal Magazine website.

               Let Real Deals Magazine show you how we can help your business grow!

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Mobile Web Design – Content Is King on Mobile Too

By Jan Verhoeff

SecretThe secret to surviving in a mobile market is being accessible in mobile markets without being overwhelming. You need Brand Recognition in the worst way, and it simply cannot be huge graphic elements that can’t be viewed on a tiny screen. Mobile web design is an art form, and few designers understand the impact their ‘design concepts’ have on your outcome based marketing. You need PROFIT, not high-end, high-cost, design.

Write it out.

ContentWrite up a piece of information and capitalize on subtitles so your reader will be able to scan and know instantly if they want to continue reading (aka use up prime battery time) or save your article for the home computer system (which they may forget to find later).

Content for mobile websites requires detailed and keyword optimized sub-titles and titles, because readers don’t want to waste time on tiny print.

Be reasonable.

Don’t overload your content base with junk. They don’t want to come back and read more junk if the last piece wasn’t worth their time. Use your words wisely. Encourage spead reading with recognizable terms and phrases that get you noticed.

Provide information.

quality contentDon’t skimp on real quality. Give them what they came for and don’t be a pest. Meaning if you promise meat in the first article, don’t make them chase down third and forth links to get to the main course. They won’t follow.

Be there.

If you offer a link, be sure your link is live. Don’t send your peeps to dead links and bad sites that don’t view well on mobile. Be available and be there when you say you will be.

Call back.

When they contact you and you miss the call. RESPOND. Call back. Text back. Return emails. Be responsive and your audience will keep calling you. They’ll text you next time. They’ll come back if you’re responsive, they will be.

Respect their time.

Time wasters are everywhere. Don’t be one of them. Get to the point and don’t waste their time chasing around the concept you’re selling.

Save the sales letters.

Don’t fill up their in box with sales letters, save those for special occasions. If you have something to sell, get with it. Tell ’em what you have and give them a few benefits for buying it, then let them. GIVE THEM THE LINK.

Recently, I was looking for a product and I found a link at the top of the search engine, recognized the name of the person right away and clicked on the link. She had a video that I clicked to watch and it went on for 20 minutes, and had barely moved past the start bar. She still hadn’t gotten to the point and I was running out of time. I clicked off and didn’t buy her product. Later, another person offered a similar product with a 1 minute audio that got right tot he point. I bought his product.

Moral: She lost a sale because she took the scenic route to sales.

website designer

How can you bring your products to the world in a mobile compliant format?

Denver Web Studio offers clear concise web design formats that work well with either mobile or computer access. Let help you get the most from your website marketing experience.

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